Seminar "Algebra ja tema rakendused" 2.-4. mai 2008
Workshop "Algebra and its applications" May 2-4, 2008

First announcement

Dear Colleague,
It is a pleasure to announce the annual scientific workshop

Algebra and its applications
Viinistu, Estonia, 02-04 May, 2008

The official website of this workshop is

You can find information on previous meetings on the  website    (2001-2006)
and on the website   (2007)   

Viinistu is a small  costal village which is situated in Estonian National Park Lahemaa not far from the town Loksa. 
The workshop will take place in  Viinistu Conference Centre.

The workshop is organised by the Department of Mathematics of Tallinn University of Technology.
We expect talks both on general and classical algebra, as well as on applications - in computer science,
logic, geometry, topology etc.

We plan to start work on Friday  02 May 2008 in the afternoon and to finish on Sunday 04 May 2008 at lunch time. 


We will announce in the second announcement how to get to Viinistu.


The available accommodation will be in 2-bed rooms. The cost for a room is 900 EEK per night.
It includes the breakfast.


Approximate time for a talk is 20 min. Please announce us if you need much more time for your talk.
The working language of the workshop is English. There will be available a transparency projector and
also a digital projector.

Workshop fee

Workshop fee is 50 € or 700 EEK. The Fee covers coffee breaks, meals (first in the evening on 02 May
and the last in the lunchtime on 04 May) and local organization expenses. The Fee should be paid in cash
on arrival in the beginning of the workshop. Payments by foreign bank or travel checks are not available.  
The Viinistu Conference Centre has a restoran and each participant can use it for a lunch on 02 May
before the beginning of the workshop.


If you wish participate in the workshop, please let us know about this (your name,  home institution,
address, e-mail).
If you intend to present a talk, please send the title and a short abstract (preferably, in LaTeX). 
Approximate time for a talk is 20 min. Please announce us if you need much more time for your talk.

Registration deadline is April 11, 2008.


The main organizer and contact person is prof.  Peeter Puusemp from Department of Mathematics, 
Tallinn University of Technology:

Postal address:  Department of Mathematics, Tallinn University of Technology,
                       Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, Estonia

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